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bride business
by Ivory Tribe –
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If you're a bride-to-be that means business, we have the perfect planner for you.


Ivory Tribe has curated the perfect planning guide for brides looking to get started, keep it real, and not lose their sh*t along the way.


With themed sections, the modern day bride-to-be will love this planner to keep track of her wedding day Tribe, manage her budget, create a dream team of guests, and jot down ideas.


Slipping easily into handbags, this 132 page sleek and sexy planner will escort a bride to all her important appointments and is designed to be shown off!


It’s the perfect piece of calm when things seem chaotic - the ultimate bride guide.



If you’re planning your wedding in Victoria, Australia, you’re probably already familiar with Ivory Tribe. If not, it’s no secret that Ivory Tribe brings together the best local wedding providers, and writes the most gorgeous blogs. It’s fair to say they are wedding experts in the most holistic sense.


They have used this expertise to craft a personalised wedding planner book with exactly what you need.


The Ivory Tribe Bride Business wedding planner book includes:


  • The best checklists, organised by time frame
  • Budget planner with all the fundamentals (so you won’t forget anything important)
  • Guest invite list and RSVP tracker
  • Provider contact details
  • Vows, soundtrack, delegation and hashtag planners
  • Wedding Day Survival Kit checklist
  • Handy hints and words of wisdom



We all make the same promise the day we decide to get married: Bridezilla will never step foot at our wedding. But what’s really involved in keeping that promise? For most of us, it’s a healthy balance between a great plan and a flexible attitude. We thought we’d help by finding you the best, easiest wedding planner book out there.

Why shouldn’t I just use an online tool?

It’s a normal question in our hyper-techno world: to find the best new digital tool, or opt for reliable pen and paper? Whether it’s choosing how to read a book, what type of wedding invitations to use, or how to plan your wedding, the answer comes back to what you like, and whether you want to keep something tangible afterwards. 

When choosing between a wedding planner book, an online wedding organiser, or even making your own wedding planner there are a few questions worth exploring. Ask them now so you don’t end up with several different wedding planners on the go at once!

What’s your wedding planner style?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Do you like the feel of paper between your fingers, or the convenience of digital? Are you a micro-manager who wants to craft something yourself, or happy to follow the wisdom of those who have walked the path in front of you? 

You can be sure your Ivory Tribe wedding planner book has been designed by wedding experts who care that it’s practical, simple and full of insight.

How easy is your wedding planner to use?

It’s hard to argue against a well-crafted wedding planner book or notebook for this one. Everything important already there, all in one place, can’t accidentally delete it, and no need for internet connection (when you’re checking out remote venues, for example).

Many top business performers still use paper diaries for the same reasons, even with all the technology in the world at their disposal. 

Paper helps strip away the noise, so you can focus on what’s important.

Do you want to keep a special memento?

Your wedding will probably be one of the rarest, most important events in your life, so of course you will want some keepsakes. There will naturally be plenty of mementoes from the day, but many brides love to keep reminders of the whole process. 

It’s a time when you’re working closely with your best friends, so you will have plenty of noteworthy stories for your wedding planner diary. We chose Ivory Tribe’s Bride Business wedding planner book partly because it has such a great section for notes at the end, perfect for a wedding journal.

It’s easy to stash away your wedding planner book or diary to look at down the track. Whereas in a short time, you’ll have probably forgotten which website or app you used.

Check it!

Checklists are your best friend when planning a wedding. But given it normally takes 13-18 months to plan a wedding, you want to have a strong idea of what to plan when. For most brides (and grooms) who have never planned a wedding before, this is a daunting task.

The Bride Business wedding planner organiser sets it all out in simple form so you can keep your diary in order: 12 months (or more) to go; 6-9 months to go; 3-5 months to go; 6-8 weeks to go; 3-5 weeks to go; 1-2 weeks to go; 1-2 days to go; and ‘the aftermath’. This wedding planner book will hold your hand at every step.

Stick to budget

With the average Australian wedding now costing over $30,000, it’s important to keep track of your pennies during the process. Whilst you may be lucky enough to have some things paid for by the families of the bride and/or groom or friends, this is by no means assured. One way or another, you will be forking out for something.

Every time you confirm a supplier — be it for the venue, the entertainment, the dress, cake or catering — write down the quote straight away to keep track of how it lines up with your expectations and cash flow. Then compare the reality once the bills come in to see if you need to go back to the bank!

Who’s coming and what do they eat?

Unfortunately your caterers will not be managing your RSVPs (although it would make life a lot easier!). Your guests will no doubt RSVP at inconvenient moments by phone or text, making it hard to keep track of who is vegan, gluten-free or allergic to nuts (if you don’t have a computer nearby). This is where posted wedding RSVP cards can come in handy.

Another good idea is having all the details in one place, on hand 24/7. For some, a smartphone app is a great option. Many prefer the easier overview of a hard copy wedding book planner — easy to carry, and reliable.

Keeping Contact

By the time you’ve trekked through your 400th wedding dress shop, sampled your 50th wedding cake or interviewed your 10th celebrant, it’s easy to forget the name and contact details of the supplier you’ve actually chosen. 

Was it Ferrari, D’Italia or Allure? And what was the name of that lovely salesperson who helped us? Was it the celebrant we found on Facebook, or through Ivory Tribe?

Write it down in your wedding planner book. Every decision. Just make it a habit, and you’ll save yourself (and everyone else) a whole lot of unnecessary stress!

Brainstorm the details!

When it comes to your vows, soundtrack, who’s responsible for what, and social media, it’s going to be a multi-step process. Like choosing baby names — one day you love Ashton, the next you’re sure it’s Daenerys. 

Brainstorming the details on paper helps to keep everything in one place, and if you decide to go back to Ashton, the idea is still there for you to see.

The Ivory Tribe ‘fill-in-the-blanks’-style wedding book planner means you won’t forget your brilliant song ideas for your first dance or the signing of the registry. And you’ll land the perfect hashtag to make your guests smile as they post their wedding selfies.

Wedding Day Survival

The one thing you won’t expect on your wedding day is that as soon as you arrive at the venue, your mind will turn to mush. ‘Raining-for-several-days-on-the-farm-and-no-gumboots’ kind of mush. The inevitable involuntary tears can be full of joy or terror, depending on your organisation and support. 


This is real Bridezilla danger territory.

You’ve worked so hard to plan every minute detail, only to have a jaggard nail catching on your dress, and no nail file (because you don’t have your regular handbag). Ditto the headache which threatens when you’ve got no paracetamol, or the shoes which you’ve never worn giving you blisters needing bandaids, which you don’t have with you.

It’s hard to imagine what this is like until you experience it. SO MUCH is invested in this day, and anything can happen. 

Remember the formula for avoiding Bridezilla? 

Great plan + flexible attitude = having the best day of your life. 

Your Survival Kit makes flexibility possible when your IQ drops a few points under stress. Luckily the Bride Business wedding planner organiser and diary has thought of everything for you, so all you have to do is tick the boxes!

Words from the Wise

No doubt, great aunt Bertha will be happy to impart some marital wisdom from the 1950s, and you may or may not be open to mum’s wedding ideas throughout the planning process.

Sometimes it’s nice to take some advice from a trusted source which can’t talk back or let you know you’re doing it wrong. Every step of the way, your Ivory Tribe Bride Business wedding planner book will give you a simple rundown of the goals to bear in mind.

To plan or be planned: 

is it worth using a wedding planner?

By now, you may be thinking this all sounds too hard! It’s not surprising. Planning a wedding is known to be a uniquely stressful time of life for many brides (and grooms). So it’s no wonder many couples ask themselves if it’s worth hiring someone else to do the job for them. 

The same is true of many other big life events: when buying a house, some use a buyer’s agent; when having a baby, some use a doula. The often unforeseen issue in all of these cases is how the cost will impact the event in real terms. Often the buyer finds their perfect home, only to fall short of funds by the amount they’re paying the agent. 

And it’s still up to you to make the decisions (so you can’t avoid all the work).

At the beginning of the wedding planning process, you know it is likely to cost a packet. What’s an extra $1,500 for a ‘day-of’ wedding planner, or $5,000-10,000 for someone who’ll be there every step? It turns out, quite a lot. Perhaps the difference between the venue you want and the one you can afford. Or another bank loan.

Like all wedding decisions, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. What’s right for you might not be right for your best friend. Investing $79.90 (including shipping) in a wedding book planner is an easy option to get the ball rolling, even if you’re considering delegating the lot.

The Final Word

At Paperlust, we admit, we’re biased. We love paper. The way it feels, looks and even smells. We were the kids who loved to practice their handwriting, and we get excited seeing a perfectly printed gold foil menu or place card.

This is why we love the Ivory Tribe Bride Business wedding planner book — diary, organiser, notebook, friend, bible — you name it, it will be there for you throughout the wedding planning process. 

Hard cover, crisp white, white ink on black, and black ink on white. A tactile experience for all the paper nerds out there (like us!). 

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